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appropriate design to meet the designs for the center and blend into the neighborhood and future. if there are no questions thank you very much >> we may have questions. open this up for public comment i'm sorry - >> good afternoon. i'm going to give you an overview of the project. >> please.
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>> here we go. so we'll go to the first slide. so as neil talked about we have 3 different entities in the castro district and each one has a different function where we have consultant for prevention and treatment and the goal is to
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bring those 3 entities into on cohesive center liquidated on castro street >> r you are too far away. >> so the red block it the proposed location for the project. the history of the building it was built over after the earthquake and we've building it was built in 1907. the top left slow down is looking down castro street and the building is on the right we building it was an old grocery store. it was later renovated several times this is the shot in the 1960. the window are still there but there was a mesh screen put over
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it. and then the bottom photo shows the evolution of the castro district from the late 1970s when the lgbt population was moving into the castro district. those are photos showing the current building this is a renovation from the early 70s or late 80s. this is looking at the street calls u walls of the neighborhood it's a series of victorian building but pun waited by more community buildings like the bank at the end this sorts of anchors in and this is the single level retail spades when two-story love. there's the corner that
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separates the retail from the upper floors again there's those little buildings happening in the streetscape. our building is on the top. we're trying to hold the line and dealing with a lot of architecture. if you go to the next slide. this is a series of elevations this is u this upper 1907 facade. if we move to the lower left that's the 1960s facade. the upper right is the sore - early 80s and the current facade and the lower right is what we're proposing for the new facade. and the idea behind the project
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is really to make it much more visible to the community and to the lgbt community at large. really more bio and gay men. we're trying to create a community 2k3w5rg9 space where they'll feel safe and a open. the idea was to create those doors you feel welcome and want to come in it's transparent for a reason. we need to get people into the building and up to the second floor where the treatment facilities are. we've personally held the third floor back to not have a strong wall on the street we give a little bit of relief and allow the activities to take place. it's an inside and outside
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answer we want people to come in and drawn into from the street and at the same time let the people see the activity over into the street as well. on the lower left is the blush wine bar that the building maintenance. this is looking at north. that's our final shot. i don't know we have the ground floor plan actively go back. on the ground floor that's the blush wine bar. and then the entry is on the top right there. so the main entry and a large open stair taxes i know to the second floor. up to where the elevator is at
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any time like you want to come into your living room but it's going to be a community building it defrauds everybody from the neighborhood not just a sector. the staff building is off to the left. so the testing and treatment center is on the second floor it has a large lounge air. there's the receptionist desk and there are some staff offices and doctors office and the top facility is having a large lobby area towards the front that have social activities and social
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consulting rooms and a room for the staff at the rear >> are there any questions? >> we may have questions for you. we'll tank public comments. is there mingle by project sponsor? open this up for public comment if there's any? >> good afternoon. i'm andrea i'm the executive director there and we just wanted to firm our support for this great and exciting project and really building that combining all three of those project will bring clients and staff to help
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activate castro street and bring expensive gay men's health and well neutrons kind of prospective and ultimately will will provide a much more healthy community for the neighborhood. thank you >> thank you. any additional - >> hi, i'm rose. i actually live right next door to this building. my concern is having the jack area on the top area. we all right. have problems with noise in the deck areas of the neighborhood and having it open to the public could impact there's not a lot of resident in my this we would be definitely
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impacted. and the current state of the noiseness of the neighborhood. >> any additional public comment? okay seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioner moore >> i have a question of curious it. you're all wearing 4, 6 four buttons. i think i'm virtual in support of that. i'm in full support if you know answer my 4, 6-f >> the address is 470 to 476 castro i believe the main aid will be 470 castro but for the
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square footage of the entire building so thank you. >> thank you. >> commissioner. >> i'm very supportive i heard most back we needed to combine the various sites. my only comment would be in keeping with what the public said. looking at castro street many years ago awhile there's some diversity it seems lives to be a fairly consistent destiny and some from the 20s. i'm not quite sure the architect maybe can answer the question of why it wasn't done in a way to be more context all.
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there's two separate decks there was a community interested in under no circumstances decks i'm not sure why it evolved the way it did >> so we role studied the context of the streetscape and we were dealing with as you, you know, an exciting floor levels wore keeping the ground floor and second floor training. we actually look at using the existing balcony that's there now. but we managed to keep a portion of that and part of that was so on the left-hand side 0 that's our nod to the - it's a element we were using a balcony as opposed to a bay window and on the right side we tend to
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deviate we wanted to have this transparent element but we wanted the entry to be prominent. we felt that having a typical retail store front and the typical two spore element would be too evenly closings it needed to be an open building >> i can appreciate that i'm wondering why there's we're having window treatment not entirely glasses sacrificed on the front of the building. >> our concept was to keep it open and trying to do the other would not achieve the same effect. >> thank you. i've seen a lot of buildings that don't have
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that much glaigdz it's just my opinion. >> so i'm also very supportive. i know the building i appreciate the design i think it's open and kind of gets people upstairs and a makes the active. just a question on the retail perhaps taking that and making that part of the project. but on the drawings it doesn't show it what would it be used for. you've designed it to get people upstairs and making the building active would you keep the ground floor in a retail context what would it be used for? >> i think the idea is to be more open. i've heard it might be an art gallery but part of the aids
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foundation. i know it's a gathering space >> you've got office behind it i don't think it would be a good use. >> in the reception area making that ground floor space all open. >> great, thank you. >> i have a question. what are the proposed hours of the second floor use and specifically to the deck use? i realize it could be a mixed use? >> the hours of use what is allotted by the castro. but i don't know if there's any specific programming. if we're talking about the balcony in the back? >> i was picking up on the neighbor comments and i realize
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it's mostly commercial but program wise. >> again question. we've cooperated with the deck rules. the back deck is american people employee only area during office hours. the front area can be used for large events >> and what's the capacity on the in front upstairs deck. >> about 50 to 60. >> okay. great. thank you >> commissioner borden. >> i'm really supportive of the project it's wonderful to see the reiteration. i think i've been in that blush wine bar it's great if it generates revenue.
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the staff i have a question do they have to demolition the space and the square footage is included in the f d right now >> so if they demand it for 3 years. >> i'll go ahead and prove it. >> second. >> i like the project i don't like the architecture. i have to agree the argument put forward are turns for me anyway and being old maybe i can't see it but in any case it seemed out of context. i'm picking up on the
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presentation which said more than once that you needed it to have a welcoming environment which i understand. and a means to sort of as i heard it attract people to come. it seems - when on the other hand, you're saying our consolidating 3 facilities into one because they've over crowded and it just seems like to make the argument you're doing something because your other facilities are over crowded and i want to have a better facility but to argue you need to attract people is contradictory to me. i'm making an observation i guess >> commissioners moore. >> i want to make a pitch for
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contemporary architecture. i think because this street has been altered so much it's a breath of fresh air to have this on this street. i think in this particular case if this building is properly detailed in many what did you say it's there and advertising itself as loud architecture i could support it being a more than building. commissioners there's another motion and a second on that motion (calling names) so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 7 to zero >> commissioners excuse me.
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>> i'll call the public hearings and approve with the modifications for standard conditions. >> thank you. we'll let the romance clear and
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>> welcome a back to 70s planning committee for theirs october 24th. please understand we don't allow
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any sdrurngsz and when speaking before the empathies please state your name for the record >> commissioners you left off on item a and b for 0226 office development and conditional use authorization. >> good morning this is an office development authorization for third street. pursuant to planning code it is going to change the as to office use. not otherwise permitted for example, office use a note permitted but within a designated landmark. this is on third street is a resource located within the
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historic zoning district district that has printing use to office use. it is a legalize the office use. it will have over 8 house square footage. in a the project sponsor created a historic maintenance plan to assist in the feasibility of and to justify it to office space. the subject building the h m b m public works repair the roof and windows and exterior restoration of the ground floor windows and it was reviewed. as noted within the staff report the department has received one correspondence that neither supports of opposes it.
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the department feels it's sdiernl for the neighborhood. it's 5 percent of the large office space and the authorization of the off space will allow for new businesses in the neighborhood. the project sponsor is present and this concludes my presentation. thank you >> project sponsor, please. >> good afternoon, commissioners. carolyn with patch stuffy and a batch. we think that it is straightforward issue. it's been in use since the zoning.
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there's only one public works dr at that particular time. as part of the project the project sponsor will also pay approximately $2 million in development impact feeds public utilities. we would like to note point property is supposed to be rezoned under the central corridor plan and the office uses are permitted so a decision to approve the project today will be consistent with that zoning plan. if you have any questions, i'll be happy to answer them. thank you >> open this up for public comment. sue. >> i'm here to support this project because it's no longer
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cheating to put a fin point on it. my office be look at was at the imperial factory and so i'm familiar with it back in the early 710 south. i am aware of when offices became a use to go before the planning commission to get an office allocation it was in 1986 by a vote of the people. so even though they may have been in office use for a long time i'm concerned the people legalize the use and applaud the legitimization and the payment of peace to get an office allocation to pay for housing and transit i think this one is
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also childcare. unlike a lot of the stuff that's happening south of market those days that haven't paid housing and transit fees and have pushed up the value of their property and the value to the owner of the property without being a good citizens of san francisco it's my understanding this property is going to do it right they're to do the entire allocation. i want to be corrected if i'm not. i'm sporting this and hope the department will peengs when the law took effect. it took effect in november of 18986 and ever single office conversion has used office allocation. before then the law was ♪
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effect for the transportation fee and affordable housing. they came through as a downtown plan and a lot of us spend a lot of effort to get those in place. i'm glad this one is doing it right and i wish others would do it right and i'm looking at you planning department >> is there any additional public comment? okay public comment is closed. commissioner moore >> second. >> i'm sorry commissioner. >> i want to comment up until earlier this year i could have had an interest within 5 hundred feet but there's no more conflict.
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>> thank you, commissioner. >> if there's nothing else commissioners there's a motion to approve with conditions. with that, (calling names) so moved, commissioners, passion 6 to one and places you on item 13 for case 2013 at 220725th street a request for a mandatory discretionary review >> good afternoon the item is a mandatory discretionary plan with the fact of demolition of the single-family residence. the proposed project is on a lot on the south side of 25th feet in the rh zoning district.
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the proposed project would replace a new existence family residents measuring approximately 17 thousand square feet. it has been signed by the adjacent neighbors. the fact that the demolition outdoor under a different resident. there appears to be no expendable circumstances we remembered this project be approved if you have any questions, we'll be happy to answer them and this concludes my presentation. thank you >> my apologies - >> you should hair from the project sponsor. >> okay

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